Prospective PBGV Owner Interview

Please take the time to carefully and honestly answer this interview form.
Doing so will help you to better understand the issues surrounding the purchase and ownership of a PBGV, and it will give us a better perspective on the personality type best suited for you and your home.
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The PBGV is not for everyone, but they do make exceptional pets for those best suited to them and their needs. They can be quite a handful for anyone that has never owned a dog and so we do not recommend the PBGV as your first dog.
Have you ever owned a dog? YES
  • If Yes, Please tell us what breed(s) and give a brief history of each including why you no longer have them.
The PBGV is a Pack Hound, they enjoy the company of others.
Do you own a dog now? YES
  • If Yes, What breed(s) and how old ?
Do you own other pets? YES
  • If Yes, what are they?
Do you have children living in your home? YES
  • If Yes, how many and how old?
Including yourself, how many adults live in your home?
Is anyone in your home allergic to dogs? YES
The PBGV is a hunting hound and security is of the utmost importance.
The natural instinct to chase can be vey strong. They are known to bolt out doors and escape from small confined areas. In all but very special circumstances, we require that you have a securely fenced yard . Electric fencing is not enough but may be useful as a secondary fence to keep a dog out of the pool or flower beds.
What City & State do you live in?
What type of a home do you live in? single house
Do you have a yard? NO
YES, no fencing
YES, partially fenced
YES, totally fenced
  • If fenced , what type of fence and how high?
    (chain link, concrete, vinyl, wooden, electrical)
  • If your yard is not fenced or only partially fenced, what provisions have you made for the security of a PBGV? (install dog run? plan to fence the yard? live in a metropolitan area with a dog park? )
The PBGV can be very demanding and are most happy when they can interact with you and the other pack members.
How much time do you and other family members have available to spend with a dog? (play, walk, groom, train, etc)
On an average day, how many hours would a puppy be home alone?
We highly recommend KPT Classes (kindergarten puppy training) for your new pup followed by basic obiedience classes. Your local dog club or veterinarian are the best sources to find these classes.
Do you have dog training classes available in your area? YES
I don't know
Have you ever attended dog traing classes?

If Yes, when and where and what did you accomplish?

No one can be expected to be available 24/7 for the dog, so its important to consider who will take care of your dog when you are away. It can also be stressful on your dog when you leave for an extended period of time.
How often do you travel on vacation or business?
When you are away from home, who cares for your pet(s)?

(short term,long term)

We are curious to learn as much as possible about our puppies perspective new family and why they choose this particular breed. This helps us determine which puppy will best fit into the new families lifestyle.
When did you first learn of the PBGV?
Have you met a PBGV? YES
  • If yes, when & where?
What age PBGV are you looking for? puppy
no preference
Do you have a preference to the gender of the PBGV? male
no preference
Do you have a color preference?
Are you able to come to either New Castle, DE or Bensalem, PA to pick-up a dog? YES, I will drive
YES, I will fly into Phila International Airport
NO, I will need to make shipping arrangements
I'm not sure
What are your interest in having a PBGV? (check all that apply) Companion Only
Why are you interested in the PBGV breed and why do you feel this is the best suited breed for you and your family?
When will you be ready to get a puppy?
Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
Do you have any questions?
If we do not have a PBGV available for you, may we pass this information along to other responsible PBGV breeders? YES, Please forward my interview information to other responsible PBGV breeders.

NO, I do not want my interview information shared with others.

NO, I will wait until a PBGV is available from Gebeba Kennels

Thank You for your interest in our PBGVs.

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